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Top 10 Must-Have iPhone Apps For Marketers

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Best iPhone Apps - TopSmart marketers leverage every minute of their day to make the most of their limited resources. That means there are always a million things happening while they’re in the office and on the go. How do you keep up? We’ve pulled together the best iPhone apps in content marketing to help you maximize every minute of your day.

TurboScan ($1.99)

After reading reviews on every Scanner app on the market I decided to go with TurboScan and I’ve been a fan ever since. iPhone scanners have come a long way in the last year. Taking a picture of a piece of paper or whiteboard works but it’s tedious and too easy to mess up the lighting and hold the camera just right. For those who want ultra crisp scans, Turboscan has a SureScan 3x feature that takes 3 pics of the document and puts them all together to make the best image possible. And it works! You do have to take three separate pictures though.

I use this app daily to scan in contracts, documents from clients and take pictures of my whiteboard notes. It allows you to easily send them to Dropbox, Evernote and several other apps too. And, if you scan things with your iPhone as much as I do, you’ll love this new product that just got funded on Kickstarter called Scanbox. Check it out!

Tweetbot ($2.99)

Tweetbot kills the competition in design and function. I’ve almost every Twitter app and found this one to be the best, especially if you use lists. A few features that make it worthwhile is that it allows you to program buttons and quickly see profiles. If you’re wondering if it’s worth the price, don’t hesitate to get it.

Facebook Pages Manager

Up until Facebook released the Pages app, you couldn’t manage a brands Facebook page by mobile. And that was only a few months ago. Now social media managers are able to manage multiple Facebook Pages on their iPhone and do things like updating a status or pictures and seeing limited analytics. It still needs a lot of work but it’s a good start.


Zite links to your social accounts or Google Reader and gives you what it thinks is the most relevant content based on your preferences. The reason I’m a huge fan is that it’s not only an RSS reader but a recommendation engine too. You can vote blog posts up or down and it will give you more of what you like and less of what you don’t. That feature has pushed Zite ahead of Flipboard as my favorite news reader app. Other good content curations apps are of course Flipboard and Pulse News.

Gotham Reader

This is a content curation app you might not have heard of yet. Gotham reader is a speed reading app that syncs to your Google Reader and allows you to read posts with by flash reading style by flashing 1-4 words on the screen and allowing you to adjust how quickly they display. It can boost your WPM reading by a few hundred words. It also syncs with your Instapaper or Pocket account to save posts you want to read more thoroughly later.

Best iPhone Apps - Bottom


Have you ever been working on a project and come across a really good article that you want to read but can’t at the moment? It happens several times a day! But don’t fear distraction anymore, Pocket is the solution!

Pocket, formerly called “Read it Later”, is a handy app that works across your computer and iPhone. You create an account, install a little widget in your browser and whenever you want to save an article, picture or video for later, you click the widget and it will automatically save the page in a list for future reading and sorting.

The great thing about it is that the articles sync on your phone so you don’t need internet access to read them. It’s great for loading up on for airplanes and travel. Reading on it is a pleasure because it strips down the article to only the text and pictures for a minimalist reading experience. I use both Instapaper and Pocket daily and there really isn’t much of a difference other than layout. I love Instapaper but the Iphone app is $2.99 while the Pocket app is free.

SEO Search Ranking ($2.99)

This simple app displays your keywords in a graph format over time and shows the Google search ranking of each over time. It’s simple, easy and reliable. The only downside is that you need to enter all your keywords manually when you set it up.

Dashboard for Google Analytics

This quick app connects all your Google accounts and allows you see your most important stats at a glance. The color coded numbers in the home dashboard are great for fast reading and I really like how easy it is to navigate. If you’re looking for every statistic on an iPhone app, this probably isn’t the one but it’s perfect for on the go!


By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Evernote and it’s awesome note taking capabilities. What you might not know is some of its lesser known but just as awesome features. For example, if you use your iPhone’s calendar, have a meeting and then pull up Evernote, it will automatically populate the title with notes from “whatever the meeting” is. It’s quick little intuitive features like that, that make it such a great app. Another great feature is that it has fantastic editing built into the notes. You can create bullet point lists, checkboxes and anything else you can on the computer app. The mobile app doesn’t lose any of its functionality.

Instacast ($1.99)

If you never have any problems syncing your iPhone with your computer, you may not need this app. But for those podcast listeners who do (like me) you’ll appreciate it. Instacast allows you to listen to your favorite podcasts anywhere without syncing with your computer. You tell it what you want and it’s not reliant on any other device. It downloads or streams the Podcasts wirelessly without sacrificing sound quality and storage. The only drawbacks is that the interface is a little complex to use. There are a bunch of advanced features I don’t use but I’m sure they’re helpful to some people. Overall it’s a great tool for those who like instant gratification and quickly listening to any Podcast on the go.

What iPhone apps can’t you live without? Let me know in the comments!

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  2. Top 10 Must-Have iPhone Apps For Marketers @PrintRunner

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    Thanks for this in-depth list of apps for marketers on the go, and thanks to Christopher for sharing this post over at BizSugar. Again, I think mobile apps like these end up paying for themselves many times over in the area of productivity. Who can afford to stay in the office 24/7 and why should being on the go mean getting nothing done? Most small businesses simply can't afford to lose a minute of productive time and now they don't have to.

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