Business 101: Turning Your Small Business Into a Corporate Empire

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Running a business takes a lot of time, effort, and know-how in order to make it work, if not break big with it. While time and effort are dependent on how much the business owner is willing to dedicate on both, know-how is something that can be shared, preached, and learned by almost any entrepreneur or owner with a passion for success.

Learning how to run a business the right way is the bedrock of your success.

If you long to oversee the growth of your business into a multimillion corporation, then you need to learn business 101, which should serve as the very foundations of your knowledge in business. Having full grasp of the business basics allow you to learn more things as you proceed with making your company the best it can possibly be.

Below are the factors you need to consider when running a business, as well as links to posts published on the PrintRunner Blog.


The biggest challenge that your business must answer is this:

What am I offering with my products and services that’s different in the industry?

Identity is tied in with the value propositions that your business carries. The more unique your products or services are, the more your brand stands out from the rest. Thus, if your business does not offer anything new to the market, then you could expect your business to be lumped in with the rest.

For a better idea on how you can establish an identity for your small business, below is a mini-series of posts published a while back about how you can come up with a brand identity from the ground up.

Creating a Brand Identity for Small Businesses
Building a Brand Identity for Small Businesses
Managing Brand Identity for Small Businesses

Below are some more resources to supplement the posts above.

Situational Analysis - Analysis Strategy DynamicHow to Make a Situation Analysis – A situation analysis is the bedrock of all marketing activities. It lets you identify your product positioning, analyze your competition, segment your market accordingly, determine environmental and natural factors that can affect your business, and an overview of the SWOT analysis.
Situational Analysis - SWOT AnalysisSWOT Analysis Resources and Examples - The SWOT – which stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats – analysis gives you a better understanding of your business in relation to its consumers and industry. This posts features additional resources allowing you to properly applyt he SWOT analysis in your marketing efforts.
Printed Promotional Materials at PrintRunner.comMarketing Communications Plan – Five Steps to Effective Campaign Planning - Putting all the newly acquired knowledge from the previous posts into action, these tackle the five essential points that businesses must undertake when holding marketing plans. In particular, the post uses Earth Day as the holiday in which a marketing campaign is to be held.

An important part of a brand identity is the logo, which serves to represent your business on your marketing tools. Logos help to further provide businesses with a visual identity, further allowing people to separate your brand from the rest.

Everything You Need to Know about Logo Design
The Anatomy of Compelling Company Logo Designs

All these aspects of a brand identity require you to uphold a particular public image that is meant to be protected at all times. The actions and policies of your business should not only accurately represent what you do, but they must portray you in a good light to draw to develop trust and a reputation as a corporate brand.

To help you in building such an image, you can hold drives and campaigns marketed towards answering environmental and social concerns. You corporate social responsibility should compel you to leave a positive impact not just in your industry, but also in the community.

Everything You Need to Know About Corporate Social Responsibility
5 Amazing Corporate Conscience Campaigns


Once you have built a true-blue business in place, it’s high time you should make a conscious effort of making it known to the public. But before delving into the art of advertising, you must learn the right questions to ask to learn the best possible strategies and plans available for your business. Refer to “Questions to Ask Yourself Before Advertising Your Business” for more information.

There are many ways in which you could market your business, which is discussed in our previous post entitled “How To Find Your Marketing Channel Sweet Spot.”

Social Media Success - IntroAs mentioned on the post, social media has played a crucial role for e-commerce sites in generating leads and sales. Sites like Facebook and Twitter allow a direct avenue to reach out and communicate with businesses of their interest. However, setting up and managing your social media profiles require time and patience to maximize your efforts in reaching out to your target. Not to mention, you should give each of your profiles a certain character and not do the same promotional lines on all of them. For more suggestions on how you could utilize the best social media sites available online, read our exhaustive and comprehensive post entitled “The Ultimate Social Media Guide to Small Business Success.”

Going for print marketing is a sound choice if you want to make a deeper and more personal connection with your target audience. Handing out brochures or flyers on the streets or mailing postcards to people interested in your business provides them a more tangible marketing experience than a phone call, live chat, or even social media can provide.

To learn the best practices on how to advertise your business using print materials, read “The Most Epic Print Marketing Posts for Small Businesses.”

Learn from the successes and failures

Below are posts about small businesses that have become huge successes through consistent branding and effective marketing.

Life is Good - Jake and RocketMascot Marketing – How Jake Made “Life is good” Even Better - Life has always been good with Burt and John Jacobs, even when they were barely making ends meet by selling shirts. However, all it took was a mascot named Jake to turn their world into something more beautiful. Read to post to learn how a free-wheeling, carefree mascot with a pet dog help make the Jacobs brothers earn millions of dollars.
Marketing to the Funny Bone – How Orabrush Laughed Its Way to the Bank - Having halitosis or bad breath is no laughing matter, but the guys at Orabrush has made eliminating bad breath too funny that the brand became a life of its own. Whether promoting Dr. Robert Wagstaff‘s ingenious tongue cleaner or a giant tongue named Morgan sacking kids on a football field, Orabrush mixes business and pleasure to great results.
“Sip Testing” Potential Employees – New Coke’s Marketing Blunder - Why fix if it ain’t broke? That’s the question that escaped the minds of the people at Coca Cola when they introduced New Coke to the market in the early ’80s. The product was billed to be an improvement over the classic formula, as the early sip tests conducted would suggests. However, the public interest towards New Coke fizzled out and competition was getting ahead of them in sales. This post explains the rise and fall of New Coke in relation to hiring staff to handle your business.

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