Christopher Jan Benitez

How Marketing Automation Makes Lead Acquisition and Customer Retention Much Easier [Infographic]

March 27, 2013

Time, money, and effort are three key proponents that determine productivity of doing marketing for your business. Productivity, in this case, is the ability to convert leads into customers and convince customers to purchase from you again. The less time and money spent successfully on acquiring high-quality leads (for B2C) and retaining customers (for B2B), the more […]

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Online Marketing Done Right – Q&A with Tresnic Media’s Todd Giannattasio

March 23, 2013

Growing your business involves creating of a plan that lets you develop your core services. That’s what Todd Giannattasio, President of Tresnic Media, has done. By delivering a high-quality experience to clients through their online marketing services, Mr. Giannattasio and gang has elevated their brand and exposed their business to more potential clients. PrintRunner had the […]

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Being Sensitive is Smart – Emotional Intelligence as Basis for Hiring Employees

March 21, 2013

Imagine two equally talented individuals vying for the same job position in your company. Looking on their professional experiences and aptitudes, you can’t go wrong with choosing one over the other. If put in such a situation, who would you choose? Since they cancel each other out skill-wise, you should look for another measure in […]

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Raising Capital Through Your Crowd – 4 Examples and Tips on Running a Successful Crowdfunded Campaign

March 16, 2013

(Source) The difficulty of getting your loan application approved by the bank has forced most business owners to take more unconventional approaches to gaining access to capital. Thus, crowdfunding is born. Startups and established business owners have enjoyed success from the number of people backing their concepts on different online crowdfunding platforms. However, this does […]

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5 Non-Traditional Ways to Access Capital in 2013

March 13, 2013

(Source) According to the Small Business Access to Capital Survey conducted by the National Small Business Association, 53% of businesses are unable to grow their operations without proper funding. This shows that the success of small businesses rests on the availability of capital. The demand for capital has paved people different ways of acquiring funds […]

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PrintRunner Launches “100 Practical Solutions for Business Growth” Free E-Book

March 9, 2013

PrintRunner releases its most recent e-book titled “100 Practical Solutions for Business Growth.” The 46-page e-book features the most common obstacles people encounter in growing their small businesses and the different ways – all 100 of them – they could do to overcome the problems. The e-book covers the following topics: Finance and Access to […]

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How to Leverage Price Premium by Building Brand Equity

March 6, 2013

According to David A. Aaker in his article “Measuring Brand Equity Across Products and Markets,” the price premium is indicative of a brand’s strength. People are willing to pay more for higher-priced brands over others. The brand – not the product – determines how much people should pay for it. In order to maximize the […]

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Direct Mail Works! 11 Steps to Increase Your Sales Using Our Postcard Mailing Services

March 1, 2013

Direct mail remains one of the best ways to reach out your market. According to the 2012 Channel Preference Survey by ExactTarget, direct mail has the second highest percentage of customer purchases (65%) after people receive the mail, a point shy behind e-mails for the top stop (66%). If you’re looking for ways to increase […]

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10 Free Curation Tools for Publishing Highly-Targeted Content

February 27, 2013

Not all ideas you present in your content are fresh ones. Strange enough, that’s okay. Although we strive to come up with new and innovative ideas in relation to our business, why bother pulling your teeth on it if you can simply refer to what was written before you? This process, known as content curation, […]

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