PrintRunner Launches Event Sponsorship Program

PrintRunner Launches Event Sponsorship Program

Events Printing

Events Planning by PrintRunner, your friendly and innovative online printing company, announces the start of our event sponsorship program. The program gives small business groups and organizations an opportunity to partner with and receive printing assistance for their upcoming events.

Organizations hold events to provide information, share knowledge and improve the community. Through the events sponsorship program, they can achieve all these with greater effectiveness.

PrintRunner offers a host of marketing services that include full-color print materials and custom print designs to help promote their event and create attractive displays and marketing tools. PrintRunner will provide competitive packages as their way of thanking you for using their products and services.

Events Printing

Igor Krakovsky, Director of Marketing, PrintRunner, LLC, explains the purpose of the events sponsorship. “The main goal of this program is to strengthen our support for various business communities within the United States and provide them with valuable product discounts while increasing PrintRunner’s brand awareness.

“As PrintRunner’s B2B customer base continues to grow, this is one of our ways to support small business owners and their respective business communities.”

To apply, visit and fill out a required form. The program is open to organizations within the US. Applicants will receive an e-mail within 24 hours, after their applications have been reviewed.

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