4 Smart Tricks to Attract New Clients with Your Business Cards

4 Smart Tricks to Attract New Clients with Your Business Cards

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People keep business cards of stores who offer products or services that are relevant to their needs. This is one way that you, as business owner, can use to your advantage. By handing out your cards to people, you give them an opportunity to reach you and purchase from you anytime using the contact details in the card.

However, don’t be surprised if your competitors are doing the same thing. The probability that your potential clients have cards of businesses similar to yours is high. This gives them more choices on which store they will go to for the type of product or service you are offering. The more choices they have, the less chance you have in bagging new clients.

What you want is to outsmart the competition by sending out your cards in effective and creative ways. By implementing the tips below in your marketing strategy, you’ll be able to reach out and make an impression to future customers.

Mail your cards and resume to potential employers

For freelancers looking for employment, an online job search won’t help you stand out from the pack. Instead, look for possible employers on various business directories and collect their mailing addresses. Next, send out your cards with your resume and a letterhead to each of the mailing addresses on your list.

Since tangible items like print products are more engaging as opposed to e-mail messages, this helps you make a greater impression to employers.

Add your cards to the package of your products or services

Include some business cards in the packages of your products or services. Encourage your customers to refer your business to their friends and colleagues by distributing the cards to them.

If your customers are satisfied with their purchases from your store, they will refer your store to their friends and may even pass your business cards around.

Take advantage of special days and holiday seasons

Playgreen Festival 2012

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When you decide to give out discounts on your offers, let it fall on holidays or special days, i.e. Fathers’ or Mothers’ Day, Valentine’s Day, or Earth Day, and create business cards with varied promo or discount codes on them. Inform your clients about it and encourage them to give out the cards to their peers and colleagues.

Set up a system to track every code that’s being utilized so that people don’t abuse your plan. Include dates in the codes such as the month of the promotion. It will help you set a deadline for the promotion. Also, record the purchase using the discount code immediately to avoid duplicate orders using the same code.

For ideas on your tracking code, read our post “Using Your URL Shorteners on Your Flyer Marketing” and apply the concept on how URL shorteners are used as tracking tools for your business cards.

After the promotion, your cards will remain with those who got them. If they are satisfied with your products or services, your business cards will help increase the possibility of them doing business with you again.

Place cards between pages of books related to your business

Do you have local bookstores in your area? You can leverage the bookstores to attract potential clients. How?

Visit your local bookstore and search for books that has something to do with your industry or field of work. Take the book, flip it to a chapter or page about a product or service you are currently offering, and place your business card in between the pages like a bookmark. Do this to as many relevant books that you can lay your hands on.

For additional tips on how to use your business cards for marketing purposes, refer to our post “10 Commandments of Correct Business Card Marketing.” If you’re ready to use business cards as part of your strategy, order full-color cards printed on thick stock now by clicking here.

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