Awesome Direct Mail Marketing Ideas to Jumpstart Your Business

Awesome Direct Mail Marketing Ideas to Jumpstart Your Business

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Marketers still stick to coming up with direct mail marketing ideas for promoting their products and services, despite the wave of social media services that have struck the industry.

The “paperless revolution” has become a fashionable way of reaching out to potential customers with your business, but the appeal for sending out print materials to target customers remains strong for a reason – it works. Direct mail marketing has proven time and again to be a viable avenue for business owners looking to build leads and convert them into sales.

If you are new to this type of marketing and are interested to learn more about it, below are examples of how businesses have come up with direct mail marketing ideas for the benefit of their company.

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M&G is one of UK’s leading investment managers handling a wide range of assets. The company launched a direct mail campaign in support of Winston Churchill being voted as the Greatest Briton in the 2002 survey conducted by BBC. Instead of using typical print products to show their endorsement of Mr. Churchill, M&G’s marketing team indulged in creating a stunning direct mail that references Mr. Churchill’s fondness for full-bodied cigars.

The Cuban cigar is inserted inside a metal cigar tube sourced from Italy to achieve the desired effect. A paper with a message about the shared relationship between Churchill’s belief and M&G’s core values is rolled outside the tube.

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In 2010, the American Institute of Architectures Conference in cooperation with Axium launched a direct mail campaign to promote their contest named Happy Place. People are required to submit images of their favorite happy place to get a chance to win a View-Master of the images they’ve submitted. The campaign was meant to break the monotonous routine of work and home among workers.

Although the Conference ran the marketing campaign for the contest by also using alternative media such as social networking sites, the company nonetheless sent out beautiful vintage-style invitations stimulate the interests of target consumers.

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Companies usually go the extra mile to acquire premier customers, which is why 3M released an extravagant direct mail marketing strategy to promote the benefits of narrow-web printing solutions. The strategy celebrates their partnership with Emtech Emulsion Technologies, known for their high-performance film labels.

The direct mail came in the form of a narrow cardboard box. Inside the box is a Motorola T5400 Talkabout, a two-way radio that prospective clients can use to contact 3M representatives regarding their business needs. To encourage follow-through with their call to action, an empty Talkabout slot inside informs recipients of their chance to redeem the other pair if they contact now. A brochure printing is also included to supply additional information.

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Papa John’s reached out to senior executives with their direct mail that invites them to attend a company-sponsored webinar detailing how the pizza restaurant achieved success. The mail also contained discount coupons printed on magnetic stock and came in the shape of a pan pizza. To complete their marketing campaign, Papa John’s coupons are packaged inside a pizza box printed with their branding to simulate the experience of receiving pizza from them.

Are there any other direct mail marketing ideas that you’d like to share? Let your voice be heard and enter your comments below.

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